Reflections on field recordings and sounds, including some of the birds of Suffolk. Sound can be very evocative, and I like playing with it and experimenting wth field recordings.


Suffolk has fabulous coastline with lots of waders and of course the renowned RSPB Minsmere bird reserve

I've also got a fondness for some of our common birds, exotica is all very well but I'd really miss the commonplace too. I took part in a survey of the sparrows in Ipswich in 2006. In a recent press release, the BTO indicates there are signs that the house sparrow decline is levelling out. I am not sure this holds in Ipswich - there seem to be more sparrowless regions and they seem to be increasing. It would be interesting to repeat the survey and find out if this is the case.

I like sparrows, I guess, so here is a lot more about them.

How to match a GPS track to audio recordings Why would you want to do that, you might wonder. It takes a lot of the faff out of surveying as you're walking, and you don't have to look away, either to take GPS waypoints or to fiddle about with a smartphone. For instance, I used to log the birds on the Kesgrave cycle path on the way to work using a GPS and an audio recorder, marking the waypoints and using the recorder. That's two things to wrangle underway. I could have had that easier.